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How it started…

[21/05/2020, 14:16:33] Lamuel BIAMBO: Good afternoon 🌞 great ones🤗
‎[21/05/2020, 14:30:35] Lamuel BIAMBO: I’m set to setup a test station any day we choose. But can we call for programmes and interested presenters with their programmes or shows for test run?
[21/05/2020, 14:33:14] Lamuel BIAMBO: I’ve been following trends on Wakirike Worldwide and Wakirike & Politics and feel it’s time to chat the course of uniting our people through radio for a good and planned outing in 2023
[21/05/2020, 14:33:28] Lamuel BIAMBO: What say you?🤗
[21/05/2020, 20:29:37] Jonathan Emmanuel: Nice
[21/05/2020, 22:53:53] Lamuel BIAMBO: We can go LIVE tonight or tomorrow if I get some schedule programming.
[21/05/2020, 22:54:54] Lamuel BIAMBO: Can someone drop me the Amaibigose anthem to start with?
[21/05/2020, 23:04:26] Waterside Boy: This is exciting news and lockdown gives a perfect time to have a captive audience. I’m not sure we can go live tomorrow. We agreed that we need material for at least 2 weeks….

The rest as they say is history! Saturday 23 May 2020 we went live on air!

Wakirike Se Internet Radio is here to Inspire, Inform, Educate and Entertain Wakirike people all over the world and by extension our friends, colleagues and the general public.


Our gratitude goes to Alabo (Prof) Isaac Zeb-Obipi  who has thrown a challenge to leaders of all Wakirike Communities.
He thanked the Wakirike Radio team for a job well done as he has found the Internet Radio has brought to world stage the music of the likes of Apanya (from Ogulacha House) as well Ama Sè Awo both from Ogoloma. On behalf of the people of Ogoloma, the first year subscription for Wakirike Sè Internet Radio has now been paid (Naira equivalent of $500).
He appealed to other communities to make similar payments to secure the Radio Station for many years to come.
May God bless him, the Ogoloma clan and Wakirike Sè worldwide.

“I can’t wait to get into my car. No matter how short or long the journey is, I just tune in and enjoy the Native (not local) musical delicacies from https://www.radio.wakirike.org/. Thanks to all behind this wonderful achievement for Wakirike.”

Alabo (Prof) Isaac Zeb-Obipi
Sweet Motherland from ARDA

“Aunty Data” is the CEO of ARDA – Development Communications Inc., a leading development communication, non-profit organization headquartered in Lagos, Nigeria. Her organisation sponsored the upgrade of our Kirikeni Okwein App (N500k) and she has brought her communications passion and expertise into Wakirike Se Internet Radio. She made it possible for us to air Sweet Motherland our on-going radio drama, with plans for other programmes in the months and years ahead. We salute a veritable source of inspiration for us all.


Setting the Stage

Wakirike Se Internet Radio will provide information about Wakirike people at home and abroad:

Local Government CouncilsKings & ChiefsSocial Media FeedsNewspaper/Radio/TVCitizens’ reportProfessional bodiesNGOs and community organisationsPhilanthropistsChurches, etc.

Do you have an ear to the ground in our towns and villages? Are you able to search the electronic and print media to get stories affecting Wakirike people – events, programmes and activities on behalf of Wakirike Se Internet Radio? If yes, please contact us: radio@wakirike.org


We are pleased to announce that the teaching of Kirikeni Okwein will begin in the new quarter. A team of Language enthusiasts and teachers are working to get things off the ground.

Preparing for the Future


Photograph used with permission

Native VibesGospel VibesGoodwill Messages“Talking Points”Chat showInterviewsRadio Drama Tales by Moonlight, etc.

Have you got some ideas? Why not drop us a line: radio@wakirike.org


Forthcoming Programmes:

  1. Kirikeni Okwein Classes
  2. Health Q&As
  3. Community Reports

Goodwill Messages: Send a goodwill message to us, maximum one minute long including your name, community and/or where you live, then the message. Please send to radio@wakirike.org or by WhatsApp to Lamuel: +234 802 336 4755

Wakirike Se Internet Radio covered the first ever Online Wakirike USA Convention last month.

“l have always wondered why there is no development in Kirike Be Se. As a kid growing up, the few times my family visited home were some of my loving and fondest memories till date. I was always fascinated by the people, the language, their love, care and the kabo (folklores).
For me and my siblings the promise from our parents “wa ama mu bia” made us study more to get good grades and did our chores at home to impress our parents. The word “Ama” had a mystique (ebube) associated with it. We as kids grew up always looking forward to having that mystical experience at “amaogono”. How can we engage our children/young people to have a visceral connection to “ama” – Kirikese…
The indepth of knowledge and passion with which Yibo Koko, Dr Abiye Hector – Goma, Prof. Atuboyedia Obianime, Prof. Sam Monibo, Chief Zeb Obipi, Chief Ibibia Walter and Dr Igbikiowubo Tamunokonbia made their spectacular presentation; was in my opinion guided by our ancestors to assist us take the next step in our upward development as a people. I will also add that the contributions of the attendees made the entire experience indelible in our minds. The connecting diamond in all the topics were about our CULTURAL HERITAGE vis-a-via our ECONOMIC STATURE/ SURVIVAL as a people…
Once again, a very beautiful convention. Let’s keep it going. It is nmgbe fulo – nmgbe fulo belekulu mama panga karama!!”
– Ms Belema Senibo

The Team

  • Bereni Fiberesima
  • Doris Morrison
  • Emily Dickson
  • Emmanuel Kaldick-Jamabo
  • Jonathan Emmanuel
  • Kelvin Dikibo
  • Lamuel Biambo
  • Sampson Fiberesima
  • Tamunobaraibi Ibulubo
  • Tonye Orabere
  • Victor Burubo
  • Tamunokonbia Soseipiriala
  • Data Fiberesima Phido
  • Emily Tari-Emberu
  • Ibibia Altraide
  • Mediline Tador
  • Sarah Dikibo
  • Obubelebara Parker
  • Tams Ngeri
  • Tekena Fubara
  • Amie Gudi
  • Miebaka Inyeinengi
  • Ibigoni Kalio
  • Iyo Chike Emmanuel
  • Abiye Hector-Goma

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Wakirike Development Coalition – home of Wakirike Se Internet Radio. 30 Freetown Street, Port Harcourt, Nigeria

Email: radio@wakirike.org

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  1. May the good Lord bless YOU all for this initiative and project you have started. I pray for more progress and productive in Jesus Mighty Name 🙏 Amen. GOD BLESS WAKIRIKE LAND.

  2. May the good Lord bless YOU all for this initiative and project you have started. I pray for more progress in Jesus Mighty Name 🙏 Amen. GOD BLESS WAKIRIKE LAND.

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